Cold Neutral Biowash Enzymes

Application of Cold Neutral Biowash Enzymes

Cold Neutral Biowash Enzymes produce a stonewashed look that can be varied according to the user’s liking.

Cold Neutral Biowash Enzymes can be used for wide range of abrasion with or without stones.

Cold Neutral Biowash Enzymes are also suitable for bio-finishing of all types of cellulosic fabrics and garments.

Cold Neutral Biowash Enzymes can be used before or after dyeing, depending on the desired final effect.

Proper and complete desizing is required for consistent performance. Amylase products from BioGreen Technochem Pvt Ltd are recommended for the removal of starch based sizing materials. Auxiliary chemicals, nonionic wetting agents and dispersants can enhance the performance of Cold Neutral Biowash Enzymes.

Cold Neutral Biowash Enzymes are cold neutral cellulase powder preparation. The preparation is efficient in the modification of cellulosic material. Cold Neutral Biowash Enzymes are used at the finishing processes of cellulosic fabrics easily, cost effectively and in an eco-friendly way.

Advantages of Cold Neutral Biowash Enzymes
  • Works at low process temperature
  • Offers versatility in process parameters
  • Gives high color contrast finish
  • Improves wash look and creates new looks
  • Reduces indigo back-staining
  • Optimal strength retention of fabrics/garments
  • Compatible with most other processing aids, including nonionic wetting agents and dispersants, lubricants, pumice stones, and diatomaceous earth.
  • High degree of reproducibility and reliability
  • Versatile which provides surface polishing, and softening with low enzyme dosages on a variety of cellulosic fabrics and garments
  • Very cost effective, easy in handling and works in an eco-friendly way

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