Combo Enzymes

Application of Combo Enzymes

Combo Enzymes can be used on all dyeing equipments which allows for some mechanical action. Also can be used to dye bath after bleaching, but can also be added prior to dyeing.

Combo Enzymes is mixture of liquid cellulase and catalase enzyme. Cellulase of Combo Enzymes is used in fabrics and garment bio-finishing processes, and Catalse is used for neutralizing residual H2O2 prior to the dyeing process. Combo Enzymes are designed to allow combined bio-polishing and bleach cleanup in dyeing process for cost optimization.

Advantages of Combo Enzymes
  • Biopolishing and bleach cleanup are possible in one step.
  • Combo Enzymes are time saving, water and energy saving.
  • Thanks to wide pH range (5.0-8.0) of Combo Enzymes there is no need to adjust pH
  • Can be used just as effectively before dyeing
  • Maintains higher tensile strength
  • High degree of reproducibility and reliability
  • It minimizes negative effect of core alkali
  • Less weight loss, Less lint formation
  • Very cost effective, easy in handling and works in an eco-friendly way

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