H2O2 Neutralizing Enzymes

Application of H2O2 Neutralizing Enzymes

Before dyeing it is very essential to remove the impurities from the cotton based fabrics. To remove the impurities such as waxes, pectin, colorants, etc. scouring process is employed. Proper scouring is important and can be accomplished by Bioscouring products from BioGreen Technochem Pvt Ltd.

When fabric is to be dyed after pre-bleaching, it is essential that the remnant hydrogen peroxide is removed effectively. Improper bleach clean-up can result in poor batch-to-batch shade reproducibility, as well as uneven dyeing.

H2O2 Neutralizing Enzymes can be used in all processes where hydrogen peroxide is used for the bleaching process.

The performance of H2O2 Neutralizing Enzymes are very robust across high temperature, pH, and peroxide levels.

H2O2 Neutralizing Enzymes are liquid catalase enzyme for neutralizing hydrogen peroxide. Enzymatic bleach clean-up is a gentle and sustainable way of neutralizing residual hydrogen peroxide after bleaching. H2O2 Neutralizing Enzymes ensures reliable bleach clean-up at broad temperature, pH, and high hydrogen peroxide levels.

Advantages of H2O2 Neutralizing Enzymes
  • Gives good batch to batch shade reproducibility
  • Gives even dyeing
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Works well to reduce processing times which increases production
  • Very cost effective, easy in handling and works in an eco-friendly way

our H2O2 Neutralizing Enzymes


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